Fairview New Homes PLC set up a Management Company to deal with the maintenance, management and cleaning of the common parts of the estate that all residents of the houses and flats on the estate may access and enjoy.

Mill Quay London E14 Residents Association Ltd's role is to:

  1. Maintain a contract or contracts for the cleaning and maintenance of all estate roads, footpaths, the dockside walkway and adjoining tree belt, the two landscaped areas either side of the central footpath at the head of Telegraph Place and the maintenance of the land on the south side of Spindrift Avenue.

  2. Maintain and repair all street lighting, drains and services not in control or ownership of a statutory undertaking or individual owner with the development.

  3. Maintain adequate third party liability insurance in the event of damage or injury caused by the negligence of the company.

  4. Promote improvements to the overall appearance of the development to enhance the investment value of all the properties on the estate.

All of the directors of the company are flat leaseholders or house freeholders on Mill Quay and are most often elected at the Annual General Meeting although any member interested in serving is most welcome to contact the board at any time. The current board of directors is Peter Baker, Moss Karagoz, Robert Handzel, Abi Osu, David Lord, Martin Scobie and Katarina Safai. The board is particularly grateful at this time for the hard work of all our new volunteers who very much hit the ground running with generous giving of their time and skills to help find, select and appoint our new managing agent in a particularly well managed way given very challenging time constraints recently.