Every Owner must pay an annual service charge to the Residents Association Company for the services outlined on the Residents Association home page. For flat leaseholders this is in addition to the more substantial additional annual service charge paid each year to the relevant Blocks Management Company. Flat leaseholders also pay a third charge (ground rent - usually demanded half yearly) to the Block freeholder. Freeholds of five of the seven blocks on Mill Quay (Blocks A,B,D,E & F) are owned by Regisport Limited and the ground rent is collected by their agent Pier Management. Block C is owned by F.O.F. Mill Quay Limited, and Block G is owned by Block G Freeholders Limited. Their ground rents are collected by different agents.

The Service Charge year runs from 1st April until 31st March. The Charge for the Residents Association company for the year starting 1st April 2012 is £123, an 18% reduction on the £150 charged in the previous four years. This amount is due in two equal half-yearly instalments on 1st April and 1st October though this can also be paid in four quarterly instalments via Direct Debit.

Please contact our Managing Agents Warwick Estates for the Direct Debit forms.

Owners should be aware that any property that has an outstanding charge against it cannot be sold until the charge has been paid. Should it be necessary to take legal action to recover any outstanding service charge, then any legal costs incurred will also be added to the outstanding amount.